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    Accept payments easily, securely, and in a way that fits your business.

    POS payments

    Accept payments through any POS device.

    eCommerce payments

    Add checkout solutions to your eCommerce website.

    Desktop & mobile

    Accept payments from any device.

    Payment requests

    Send customers text or email payment requests.


    Learn about our secure P2PE 3.0 payment gateway for true end-to-end encryption.


    Learn about our hands-on approach to getting you the solution that fits your needs.

    24/7 support

    We don't leave our customers hanging. Get live support when you need it most.

  • Industries


    We fit any business, but have tailored solutions for select industries.


    We have the software or smart POS terminals to seamlessly integrate with your existing point-of-sale systems.
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    Let us handle your payment needs with patient privacy front-and-center, and a rockstar Epic integration.
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    Keep your student and family data secure while supporting all your payment acceptance needs.
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    Effectively manage risk through our secure payment gateway, knowing all of your data is safe.
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Powerful payments.

End-to-end security.


Accept payments easily, securely, and in a way that fits your business.¹

A single platform for your payment needs

POS payments

Accept payments through POS devices, including our device provider of choice, Ingenico.

eCommerce payments

Add our checkout solutions to your eCommerce website for full end-to-end encryption.

Device flexibility

Accept payments with our wide range of supported payment devices: desktop, laptop, mobile devices, and tablets.

Payment requests

Send your customers text or
email payment requests using our Invite2Pay technology.

We're more than a payment gateway.
Way more.

Tempus Technologies® solutions are PCI DSS compliant and fully customizable to fit your business' needs.¹

  •   P2PE secure payment gateway

  •   Smart and secure POS terminals

  •   Robust payment-processing applications

  •   Seamless mobile payments

  •   Custom, hands-on solutioning to solve unique payment challenges

  •   US-based support

  •   Personalized training for your teams


Your success is our success

Payment solutions implementation meeting

Personalized solutions

Tempus account managers can help walk you through a custom implementation.

US-based support

Here when you need us

Our US-based support teams are available for whatever you need. No question is too small.

Hands-on training and resources

Hands-on training

Get personalized training and resources for everyone who needs it.

Security to put your mind at ease

Our secure P2PE payment gateway is PCI P2PE validated.¹ We use encryption and secure payment tokens for true end-to-end protection of each transaction.

Choose the way customers pay


Accept credit, debit, and prepaid
cards with manual entry, swipe,
dip, or tap-to-pay methods.


Accept ACH bank transfers as payment via a simple interface.


Accept payments from virtual wallets your customers maintain on their mobile devices.

Paper checks

Accept and scan paper checks with our PaymentMate® application.

Specialized industry solutions

Retail point of sale handheld device


We have software and smart terminals to seamlessly integrate with your existing point-of-sale systems.

Healthcare and pharmacy payment solutions

Healthcare and pharmacy care

Let us handle your payment needs with patient privacy front-and-center.
Payment solutions for educational establishments


Keep your students' and their families' financial information secure while supporting all your payment acceptance needs.¹
Secure payment gateway for insurance and financial services

Insurance and financial services

Sensitive data is secure through our PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.¹

Let's find your solution

Tempus prides itself in meeting your business' unique needs. Our custom solutions grow with your business, and US-based support means you'll have help when you need it.

Important legal disclosures and information

Tempus General Disclosure

1. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI DSS”) are a mandatory set of security standards designed to help reduce the risk of fraud and theft of sensitive credit and debit card data. Tempus is a validated PCI Level 1 Service Provider. 

Ingenico name or the Ingenico Partner badges are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ingenico Terminals SAS.